Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing and repairing the cause of any leak in your home, even those hidden behind walls or cabinets. If you have a leak that won’t quit, act quickly. Water damage spreads quickly and even a small leak will become more costly overtime. Water leaks often lead to mould that you may not even see or notice but it puts your family’s health directly at risk.

Many flood-related insurance claims could be prevented with proper inspection and maintenance. Call us at the first sign of a leak or if you notice any pipes in poor condition. We know leaks are stressful, but we are here to take good care of you and make the whole process easy. Solutions Plumbing & Gasfitting ,we offer the best hot water tank services that include hot water tank replacement and repairs. If your daily shower or soak in the tub is spoiled by tepid water, or if your dishes aren’t leaving the dishwasher as clean as you might expect, your hot water system may be the culprit. Sometimes a new hot water tank with better efficiency is required, or your existing hot water tank needs service.


Master Tex Home Solutions has ranked as Thumbtack’s top professionals for 2020, 2021 & 2022. If replacement is recommended, we can provide information on tanked or tankless hot water appliances, depending on which one may be more efficient for your current daily hot water needs. Whether it’s an emergency repair or dealing with an annoying leaky faucet, Mastertex Home Services has the expertise to quickly assess any plumbing issues you’re experiencing at home. With timely service, accurate assessments and fast turnarounds, you can trust our team to deliver a realistic, fair estimate and complete the work as quickly and accurately as possible. Working with Mastertex Home Services Plumbing & Heating has several benefits, including saving you time and money. 
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